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finance committee occurring november 6, 2012 will begin shortly.
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>> the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the san francisco county transportation authority finance committee occurring november 6, 2012 will begin shortly.
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>> the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the san francisco county transportation authority finance committee occurring november 6, 2012 will begin shortly. >>
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>> good morning. and welcome to the san francisco county transportation authority finance committee. i am scott weiner, the chair of the committee, to my far right is commissioner elsbernd, and to my left. and to my left is commissioner carmen chu and i want to thank
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from sfg tv lowe, and karm anac for the video services today. matter clerk are there any announcements? >> no announcements. >> item two? >> approve the minutes of the october 16, 2012, it is an action item >> is there any public comment on item two? >> seeing none, it is closed. is there a motion to approve the minutes? >> could we take that without objection, that will be the order. item three? >> item three, recommend exercising the first one-year option of the legal services contract with nossaman llp and increasing the contract amount by $350,000, to a total amount not to exceed $1,310,000, for general legal consel services and authorizing the executive director to modify contract terms and conditions. >> this is an action item. >> good morning, commissioners, fong director for finance and administration. the authority contacts the legal services with the city
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attorney for the general contract related items. we also have nixon peabody and squire. and nossman helping us. back in march of 2010, the board approved the three-year agreement with two-year options. we are currently in the third year, and the agreement will be expiring on june 30, 2013. back in december, 2011, you may remember, i brought before this committee, an amendment to that contract, to increase the contract by $300,000 to increase the contract to offset the cost spent and legal lawsuit related to the city of the presidio parkway project. >> in february of 2012, you may recall that i brought before
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the board an item to replace the $200 million dollar line of credit. athat time we were working with abdw and the rates were extremely high and we went out and came back with a new where it was yielding us a savings of $3.3 million over the court of three years. with that, we also encured $100,000 in services related to the commercial paper and this is the reason that i am bringing the item, a few months earlier than the contract expiration date. within, the services that nossman performs in addition to just the routine, and legal services related to the operations of authority, they assist us in for the legal services for parkway, island and brt and the formation of
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the treasure island mobility agency. it has a 7 percent dbe and lbe participation. and this item was brought before the cec on october 24 and there was a unanimous support. in terms of fiscal impacts, part of the costs for the contract that is funded by mlas with other city departments such as tida and tima for bueda island. we expect to receive more mous and will be using the prop a funds to offset the costs. in terms of me budget amendments we have the next budget to cover the majority of the contract and we will be bringing before the committee of an amendment of $177,000 over the course of the next month, at the mid year point. with that i am looking for a recommendation to exercise the first, one-year option for
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legal services with nossman llp and increase the contract amount by $350,000, for a total amount not-to-exceed $1.3 million for general legal counsel services and i am available to answer any questions that you may have. >> commissioners, david chiu has joined us. >> could you give us a little bit more information about what exactly the extent to the terms and the conditions can be modified by the director. >> they would stay the same, but we would be modifying any conditions or terms that have changed over the course of the time, meaning through the government code, maybe through any city ordinances, and we would might be looking at changing the contract drastically, we are changing the contract not approved by the board and the term of the
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services. >> i totally appreciate that, we may need to change the contract terms if we change the rules here is that del ineatd. >> it would mention that the executive director could modify any contract terms and conditions. >> my point is could we limit the resolution language that it is clear that it is based on changes that we make from the administrative code angle or other changes as opposed to blanket changes. >> good morning, commissioners, this is the standard language. what i am not allowed to change are the dollars and cents aspects of the contract. but, this is actually they are simply to say that the need for a board's action on something like a change in personnel, to the company or things like that, that may be specified in
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the contract. and may need to be changed but does not necessarily change the contract. but it isn't just to reflect city, or other guidelines that may be changing on the board. it is also to deal with the sort of the basics of keeping that contract active. and we can clarify that some more, even in the resolution that goes to the board. >> all right. >> it is not a blanket authority, especially not on the financial side of this. >> and i trust that you and the staff are making decisions that are in the best interests of what we are trying to achieve. it would be good to clarify the circumstances in which the changes can be had and if, again, i think that what you delineated, personnel changes and changes that governor you and administrative changes and those make sense and would be
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helpful. >> great. >> comments or questions, and we will open up for public comment and who would like to comment on item three? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> let's move forward with the full authority with recommendation? that will be the order. >> item four. >> item four. internal accounting report for the trhee months ending september 30, 2012. this is an information item. >> respond. >> commissioners, what you have before you is the first quarterly fiscal year 2013, internal accounting report. this is your birds' eye view of what the financial position is of the authority eit has aamounted for $165 million and liabilities up to $223.5 million. and this includes $150
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outstanding commercial paper. total revenues have added up to 19.8 million, and total expenditures are at 3.7 million. and in terms of total cash for the first quarter, we have approximately $104.6 million in cash. this is approximately 91 percent of it is approximately sitting in the commercial, sitting in the city's treasury pool. and the investments that we hold are in compliance with the government code and the authority board approved investment policy and the amount that we have in the bank provides sufficient liquidty to meet the requirements over the next six months. with that i am more than happy to answer any questions related to the internal report >> any questions or comments? >> seeing none, is there any member of the public that wishes to comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> this is an information item and so we do not need to take any action.
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>> thank you. >> item number five. >> introduction of new items, this is an information item. >> are there any introductions? >> seeing none, is there any member of the public who wish to comment on item five. seeing none, public comment is six. >> item six. >> public comment. >> is there any member of the public that wishes to comment on any item in the jurisdiction of this committee? seeing none, item 7, public comment is closed. >> item seven. >> adjournment. >> we are adjourned. >>
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>>introduce two of my heroes, pat park and steven rumble. [ applause ] >> thank you, so much, jen. and it is such an incredible honor to be here. thank you for america for hosting us, thank you for being an active inspiration, here for us and to the program. which we will talk more about today which was found in large part by... and thank you for getting the whole... chief information officer and mayor it is a huge honor to be in your presence as well. >> thank you so much for coming. >> thank you.
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>> and thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to come here today. we are here for a work session. we are actually going to go deep on which... and get your thoughts. so here is actually what is going to happen for the next couple of hours or so. we are going to have a brief context and then we will hear mayor lee make an exciting announcement. which i will introduce the projects and we will do... and break out into session and go deep and provide feedback. i need it and come back together for a... session. so,... talk about something called the... which is really an understanding for... the president in charge todd and i
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and many of our partners in the white house with waking up every single day thinking about how human technology has improved the lives of americans. you may think about... go to just picking up 20 percent of government or making more or providing efficiency in the government and doing lots of that. there are a lot more things happening across the board that were driving forward. but the important part of this is really thinking about outside of the government. how will we have an impact in the lives of americans in so many profound ways. and it is not only easy to connect the dots between how we are using technology inside government. and how we are fostering a culture of government going forward related to how young women are in the education program for science or technology and how are we creating jobs in this country and infrastructure and anything
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like that. so most importantly, how are we fostering innovation in this country, that america, uniquely is founded on the grounds of innovation, we are here in the city where so much that have has happened in so many profound ways. and it seems like every time that we have such disruption in this country. and this time... the financial down turn and the pressure of cyber security and the pressures of so many other things, you know, in... how are we driving innovation forward to champion out of that like we have done over and over and over in the history of this country. in the government, plays a fascinating role in that. i will give you an example of a place that we are doing that, that gets the president excited. and that is when you are thinking differently about the digital assets and in last
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may... in new york and throughout the very non-governmental place to give a speech, got on stage and talked about fostering this of the 21st century government and the digital government and the strategy are things like we are going to unlock the data of government by the fall. taking the rich stores of data that we have in the government and making it open and making it readable, and building application and programming around it in a way that the people can... on the outside. and there are now companies being founded and formed, truly gone public today in the public a few months ago, a couple of companies that are largely based on government data, you know, examples all over the place. if you look at the era in which the u.s. government opened up weather data. and not only did it have profound effect on public safety when there are storms coming and agriculture and some of the others, it just provides and helped the quality of life
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in a profound way, the global positioning system and... almost every night created, 100,000 in economic value. incredible opportunities for doing this in job creation and safety and quality of life and really improving the lives of americans. so it did develop the strategies of 30-plus page document to the agencies of government that they have to work up the data and they have to make this stuff available in the way that we collect it, and use it and public information should remain public and we are going to drive that forward. >> there are a lot of things in the strategy around and the use of mobile government and how we summarize the... and think about the 21st century government in that way. and the policy that launched a couple of weeks ago and so much more is being formed that i think will be very
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transformational in the years to come. >> wh, digital gov in the document, the digital updates, if you are like me you can experience it in a twitter boot strap format. and you can go through that, and i encourage you to not only download it, you know, and pay attention to what was going on and start using the data and start using... available and more importantly think about what are the next level? what is the next gps? how can we foster that? and then give that to us. you know, connecting on twitter, follow up on the... (inaudible) sector and today and just let us know. you know, it is actually going to come from here, the government needs to open up this data. we are furosiously doing that (inaudible). >> just to carry the area one
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step further and, actually... (inaudible) obama created. you want to project? >> okay. thank you. >> (inaudible) created that the us (inaudible) and job really is to be an internal changing in the (inaudible) and the way that we think about is it an incubator in the government. it is not to incubate the economy, it is to execute projects and it is actually... (inaudible) program and the present priorities. one such program that is really focused up to date is presidential innovations for... shall we go through... okay.
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so, then and as an effort that, really have the idea for, basically made... and the whole idea is an amazing... and the government to work with all of the innovators on game-changing that they can actually move forward and... money, and improve it in the lives of americans. and the idea is that the teams work in (inaudible) in part of and deliver... within six months. and so not as a... powerpoint or... actual out come and actual change. and they are... the american people. what we actually did was in the version of a traditional (inaudible) and actually... what we did instead was the
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ground force from within the government a set of... funded by agencies that did (inaudible) external folks to come in and help. in fact, people competed for the right to pay for both. they were actually going to fund (inaudible). we actually... (inaudible) when we lost the program on may 23rd. and you will hear more about the (inaudible) next. (inaudible) to work with the u.s.... (inaudible) for six
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months, right? (inaudible) we have massive, massive response. some (inaudible)... who then started their work in july and in august. and they are off to an unbelievable start working with their (inaudible) to do amazing things. (inaudible) one of the primary... (inaudible) is to get your help. because, (inaudible)

November 6, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PST

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